Sherry Suib Cohen


A Few Words From Chapter 24


Only when you let yourself be completely vulnerable will the earth move.

Boating pleasure is totally dependent on being able to trust the captain, surrender control to the captain. So gladly I surrender, I give it up. Get me there, get me back, I trust him wholly.

Great sex is also dependent on trust. And, as in boating, with trust comes her sister, surrender. Surrender is a dirty word to a woman who requires control. I happen to like being Master of The Universe. I like being in charge of my time and my emotions, not to mention what my body does and how it looks. But I know that during lovemaking, if I donít concentrate fully on the sensations of arousal, if I donít surrender the protective, controlling stances that serve me well in my master-of-the-universe mode, the earth wonít move. Itís as simple as that; you have to concentrate on body, trust your lover and throw control out the window--you have to surrender to feeling--or the earth wonít even quiver.

Selected Works

Non-fiction bookS
It Ain't All About The Cookin', a never-before-told, deeply confessional look at the butter-loving, finger-licking Queen of melt-in-your-mouth Southern Cuisine. Recipes too! New York Times #2 Best-Seller
A profoundly intimate look at a long marriage from a strong, witty, irreverent point of view.
Non-fiction magazine article
Inside the Amish community. Winner: American Society Journalists and Authors Best Article of the Year