Sherry Suib Cohen


Just Three Of Sherry Suib Cohen’s Twenty Four Books---and What People Thought About Them

LOOKING FOR THE OTHER SIDE: The Extraordinary Adventures Of A Skeptical Journalist As She Explores The Non-Material World Visiting Tarot Readers, A Channeler, An Oracle, Psychics, Astrologers..
(Clarkson Potter: paperback, Berkeley)

Looking For The Other Side Can Help You Open Your Mind and Find the Truth About Your Life.”
--Bernie Siegel, Author Love, Medicine, Miracles

“I’ve read many books about the paranormal, but Looking For The Other Side stands out among them.” Fascinating and astonishingly informative"
--Uri Geller

“Astoundingly intimate adventure.”
--Liz Smith

WITH SYBIL EVANS, HarperCollins/​Cliff Street Publisher)

“A must-read.”
--John Gray, author Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

“A copy of Hot Buttons should have gone out with every census form. The book’s exactly what America needs."
--Sally Koslow, Editor in Chief, Lifetime Magazine

TENDER POWER; A Revolutionary Approach To Work and Intimacy

“Tenderize the Workplace---that’s the message from Tender Power, a controversial new book getting support from unexpected places.”

"Cohen has written a book that should be inspiring to men and women alike.”
--Los Angeles Times

Selected Works

Non-fiction bookS
It Ain't All About The Cookin', a never-before-told, deeply confessional look at the butter-loving, finger-licking Queen of melt-in-your-mouth Southern Cuisine. Recipes too! New York Times #2 Best-Seller
A profoundly intimate look at a long marriage from a strong, witty, irreverent point of view.
Non-fiction magazine article
Inside the Amish community. Winner: American Society Journalists and Authors Best Article of the Year